Frequently Asked Marketing Questions


Question: Why choose Jennifer Jones Media?

Answer: Jennifer Jones Media is a boutique company where Jennifer is extremely "hands on".   She works directly with each and every client making sure that you are totally pleased every step of the way.  Jennifer Jones Media is completely focused on how to maximize your exposure and grow your business.  Jennifer Jones Media has also spent years creating unique ways to share your social media that will set you apart from your competitors.

Question: Do I have to be in Birmingham to be a client?

Answer: Absolutely not, Jennifer Jones Media partners with Paula Grandolph on the west coast and most work can be done from either location.  Jennifer Jones Media presently has clients in NY and LA as well as Alabama.

Question: How much will it cost?

Answer: Every client is totally and completely different so are the price structures.  Jennifer Jones Media generally begins at $350 a month for basic posting and customizes your marketing and advertising packages from there.  

Question: Will I have to sign a contract?

Answer: Yes, there will be a written annual agreement that will specify your marketing plan and the cost. However there is always a 30 day break clause.  

Question: Who will handle questions and comments from posts made on social media?

Answer: Jennifer Jones Media handles all questions and answers with your approval.  She likes to respond immediately.  

Question: Who provides the photos and content?

Answer: Jennifer Jones Media will provide all photos if agreed upon for your plan.  She is available several times a week to shoot photos for upcoming posts.  She also will provide content with input of course.  If you prefer you can provide your own for both.  

Question: Who creates advertisements for magazine, tv and radio?

Answer:  Generally Jennifer Jones Media creates all content for ads.  She does however ask you provide her with your logo and tag line. If you need rebranding she is very happy to create a new logo and tagline.  Ads are strategically placed in media forms best suited for your business. If you have your own ad she will definitely work with that as well.

Question: When should I notice a difference in my business?

Answer: Social media numbers are generally seen fairly quickly, how that turns into profit can take several months of consistent placement with various media outlets.  This also depends on your business. Jennifer Jones Media will provide you will weekly or monthly numbers so you can see for yourself how social media and advertising is impacting the awareness of your business. 

Question: Who pays for the ads?

Answer: Either you can pay directly to the magazine, radio, tv or social media or you can reimburse Jennifer Jones Media.  There is a small 5% handling fee.